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Michelle Lipski ABC-DT Trainer Mentor
Portage WI 53901

Please call me for Fido Vite info we always
have in stock
and E-collar  technologies
All my dogs and pups fed Fido Vite beautiful
coats that shine
Customer comments: my 11 year old mix
bred treated for cancer put on no grain diet
adding Fido Vite has never looked better.....
Contact me for more info
can deliver right to your
Therapeutic essential oils
Prices for training:

Private lessons given her
on site weather permitting
$65.00 per 1 1/4 hour

Board and Train 2 weeks
minimum 600.00 owner
provides food
Herm Sprenger Prong
Collar provided
E Collar extra charge

Board and Train 3 weeks  
owner provides food
$800.00 for 3 weeks
Prong Collar  provided
E Collar Extra charge
Where my story all began with training Ponyboy
my border collie coming soon....