About Us
Could that baby dog
be any happier
FC-AFC   Nan-Dools Elwood
1st and only CHOC in Minn. Derby
Points 6
Iowa Pointing Labs ALI JO
hips elbows eyes  and
EIC/CNM clear
Whitney Way Bud Dee Dark
Yellow Male Hips Elbows
Eyes and EIC CNM clear
since retired
Allie X Cody   2 years
Allie x Bud babies   

baby reds at 6 weeks
of age
Jetson all grown up
Handsome dude
Iowa Pointing Labs Ali
My focus is my dogs . Enjoying spending time with them walks, hikes,
swimming , dock diving, and demos to what they have learned. I train
from home which gives me the opportunity to raise the most social well

I not only produce from health tested stock but first temperament you
must be able to live within the social network of other dogs, customer
dogs and training clients. Then from pedigrees of proven parents we
have the smarts to do anything you need us too.

My dogs are well versed in any situation your pup to take home will be as
well. Enjoy the  site please contact for any questions.
Ragner learning to
dock dive
Lolli learning place command