Trained dogs and
Labradors puppies for sale
American / English
Labradors pups and started dogs
I have always thought if I ever wanted to
train and raise dogs it would be from home
not having to run out to a 9-5 job so I can
spend my time with the dogs and pups.
No kennels here all pups raised in house.

Best early socialization comes on day 3
ENS for pups building a strong pup with
healthy immune systems and
temperaments to be able to cope with
stressors of life,
Then we go on to people, dogs, pack
hikes, car rides, vacuum cleaner, crate
training, water intro to early body
awareness exercises, wings and birds
and of course shed antlers. I feel confident
when you leave here with pup it will make
a smooth transition into your home with
less stress. I always say " they are leaving
their mom and litter mates changing
environments is stressful enough"
It takes time and knowledge to make the right Labrador that we can hunt and live with in our everyday busy life styles. I have spent years watching
researching and putting together what I believe is the best  Labrador I can produce. What are the differences: Lets say American brings loving nature
easily trained in many venues.

Pointing Lab  / English alert not nervous quieter and still great hunters. More so used in service dog work. Smaller in size but bigger boned in most

By combining the best of both worlds we have success in everything we want to do from our best friends to hunting, service dogs, agility,  shed dogs,
obedience and so on...

You will not be disappointed in a pup from Steppinstone Labradors
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Iowa Pointing Labs" Allie Jo"  repeat
breeding Pups Due December 22nd
Castille Creeks Cant touch "Hammer

Limited registration $900.00
Allie and Hammer
Fall-Winter 2017 liter Josie X Cooper AKA
"Rock" English liter Due Jan 1 2018
accepting deposits
*** Pretty Pups that can hunt too***
Pups $1000.00
Trained pups Ready May
and June 2018
Previous pups
Allie X Hammer  "Lily"
first retrieve Got the idea what she is doing in
the woods. Tons of enthusiasm not to
shabby for 5 months
                             The Howlands
Allie X Bud   " Timber"

He can be stubborn sometimes but such a
good dog!!!
               The Butteris's
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