Steppinstone Dog
Training and
What I do I offer customers?  A balanced trainer!

Private Lessons for any behavior challenge Balanced Trainer using Yes and No.
Shaping exercises for basic obedience. We want to reward our dogs more Yes than No
Started Labrador pups
Trained older Labradors
And  Rescue Dog fully trained and ready to enter your home

Start your own puppy that I have raised here Ill do the raising for you. Started dogs will
always be available

I use and recommend E-Collar  Technologies
Remote collars and Herm Sprenger collars

Wisconsin Breeder of quality health tested  AKC Labradors. Breeding
program which my research and time has created the best pups I can
raise for the family.

I look for companionship, quick learners and  the best  family pets.
Including in the strong desire to hunt.
Remember we live with these dogs in our houses. So attitude is so
Steppinstones Red Lolli

Contact and
Training info


puppies and
started dogs for
I feel there is a need for pups to be started and enter homes with basic knowledge.
So many of my training clients come in for basic needs , social time and life skills.
Why not get a pup who has that started for you to continue.
Commands they will
sits, down, recall, Yes and No, crating, structured walk, housetraining and many
Fully trained dogs will also be off leash trained
Contact me for  more info and what available.
Always check out Face book page for live video of puppy progress and who is
ready to go. Plus videos to help you train your own dog

2018 Winter series no longer will I be doing outside board and
Trains for dogs
I will always have started pups at different levels
Older young adults and a rescue dog fully trained to fit your
Cracker and Lolli earned
their barn hunt ribbons
what a fun day and dock
Iowa Pointing Labs Ali Jo

What I will teach
all these commands are on and off leash:
come, sit, thresholds and down duration, place command,
walking on leash, load up, leave it, crate training, house trained
and companion dog manners such as riding in car, swimming.

How do we train? Using more Yes words than No. With the use of
marker training. Plus with lots of food rewards best marker in my
eyes for training new behaviors.
All commands are black and white with no grey areas. Still
believe in balance all dogs are trained with Herm Sprenger prong
collars and layered over with E-Collar Technologies low level
remote collar for reinforcement of behaviors already taught. The
only off-leash way to go!!!!!
Stops behavioral problems makes a  reliable command system.
What you invest in your dogs training in minimal for the lifetime
of the dog.

Some training photos
Dealer of E Collar Technologies

Training prices  see contact page
Cracker Snapper
Here is place from start
to finish look how relaxed
Allie and Hammer
Cracker and Lolli at lure
April 30 th 2017  
Attended RV
Trainer with Jeff
Gellman Solid K9
Hillsboro Pier
Pups Labor Day
To only to return to
do a continuing
education one on
one with Jeff
Gellman in Oct 2017
A amazing day to
further my education
Lolli X Hammer pups  
arrived Aug 12th 2018 males
and females
ready now
pups are now started and
ready to go crating ,sits,

2 pups
fully trained   Jan